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Christopher Sowton ND

I have been practicing as a naturopath and homeopath in Toronto since 1988, integrating psychotherapy and helping my patients understand their dream messages for more than 20 years.

More recently, I have focused on training healthcare practitioners of many kinds to integrate dreamwork into their own practices. I have developed a dreamworking method which can be used by practitioners facilitating their clients, and by non-practitioners who are trying to get more out of their own personal dreams. In 2013, I authored The Dreamworking Manual: A Guide to Using Dreams in Health Care.


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Christopher Sowton and Patti Allen discuss dream groups. What happens in a dream group? How can you find one? Are you part of a dream group? Would you like to...

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Frightening figures appear in our dreams very often–threatening pursuers, nasty looking people at the door, terrifying animals, all manner of ghosts, zombies, monsters and demons stalk us in our dreams....

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Hey all you homeopaths and homeo-dreamers out there, I just had an article published in Homeopathy Today about a method for using dream information in homeopathy. If you’d like to...

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Dreamwork can be a living, evolving thing. Some dreams stay alive in the imagination for a long time. New perspectives and new insights can appear over time. It might happen...

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When people ask me what my life calling is I usually reply: “I want to help get dreams back into medicine and health care.” When people ask me why dreams...

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