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Christopher Sowton RP ND

I am a registered psychotherapist and naturopath with a practice in downtown Toronto. I have been practising since 1988 specializing in classical homeopathy and psychotherapy. I have a particular interest in helping my patients understand the patterns that hold them back from better health and a greater sense of fulfillment. These patterns are reflected in chronic symptoms, in repetitively stuck life situations, and (perhaps most dramatically) in the dream life.

More recently, I have focused on training healthcare practitioners of many kinds to integrate dreamwork into their own practices. I have developed a dreamworking method which can be used by practitioners facilitating their clients, and by non-practitioners who are trying to get more out of their own personal dreams. In 2013, I authored The Dreamworking Manual: A Guide to Using Dreams in Health Care.


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Three experienced dream group leaders share their insights about the practical nitty-gritty issues involved in...

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A fifty-year-old man recently told me the following dream which he called: “The Colorful Toad”: “I’m in my upstairs office in my house. The room is fairly dark. On the...

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I’ve been away from my blogging for awhile, mainly because of a very sad personal event in my life—in early July I got the news that my older brother Ivor...

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Why do we need to have dreamworkers in the world? This is a fair question; let me try to answer it with a recent dream example from my practice that...

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I had a striking dream a week ago. I’m calling it “Bulldozing the Tower of Luggage”: I’m in front of my old house (where I lived in as a teenager). Other...

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