Dream Team

Meet my colleagues with complementary dreamwork interests and skills:

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    Today, they continue their work with people facing cancer but are also focusing on supporting the expansion of dreams as an integrative practice in all areas of health care. Tallulah is on the staff of two cancer wellness programs in Atlanta, GA. She is on the summer faculty of the Haden Institute’s annual dreams and spirituality conference.

    She is the author of Dream Prayers: Dreamwork as a Spiritual Path and Dreams and Guided Imagery: Gifts for Transforming Illness and Crisis.

    She can be reached at tallulah.lyons@gmail.com

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    Working with her own dream material and that of her clients has helped to guide that professional trajectory and continues to play a foundational role in her private practice and philosophy.

    Her work with dreams includes the exploration of the material toward greater self-awareness, as well as greater appreciation of the collective and multi-generational influences on the S/self. To learn more, visit: www.lauramcneilly.com.

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    By embodying the figure (for even a short while), we gain a deeper understanding of the figure’s emotions, motivations and purpose. Check out Julia’s website at www.dreamyogadance.com

    Julia is a freestyle dancer, dreamworker, yoga teacher, group movement guide and DJ practicing in Toronto. In 2006, she started Tribal Dance Community, a soulful weekly gathering for Ecstatic Dancing.

    She believes in the powerful potential of merging dreams and dance as a way of self-reflection, personal growth and creating a direct relationship with elements of the unconscious. You can find out more about Tribal Dance at www.tribaldancecommunity.com

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    Elena treats a range of health concerns, with a special interest in mental health – especially mood disorders, eating disorders, sleep disorders, addictions and trauma recovery. She uses naturopathic modalities of clinical nutrition, herbal medicine, acupuncture and homeopathy, while emphasizing depth psychology as a cornerstone for healing.

    Dreamwork is used as a primary tool in treatment, forming a foundation to support each patient’s unique and personal process of recovery and growth. www.mahayahealth.com

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    In this way, the inherent intelligence of the body is honored and stands as the true ‘healer’ – the healer being the magnificence of our immune system with its capacity to maintain equilibrium, as millions of cellular interactions are self regulated daily. Like a paper cut that heals, the body knows how to take care of itself.

    Less is more.  Less force and more listening. This type of listening comes from the heart and is received by the hands. Like enormous receivers, exemplary palpation skills can discern where natural rhythms in the body are compromised or restricted. A meditative quality of touch safely interrupts the ‘fight or flight’ cycle and activates the ‘rest and digest’ response of the nervous system.  Once activated, the immune system is called into action to optimize tissue health and return vitality to the affected area(s).

    The mantra is simple: Open the Heart, Clear the Mind, Free the Body.

    This bio would be incomplete without mention of dreamwork.  An arc of personal dreamwork over the last decade has illuminated a tremendous gratitude for human potential when inspired by purpose. Dreams offer a direct connection to the unconscious and support our complete growth in body, mind and spirit.  Oftentimes a client will experience a pivotal dream in the days leading up to a scheduled appointment; it’s uncanny.  Setting an appointment is like setting an intention and vital information has a way of showing up when the right circumstances are constellated.

    In the world of musculoskeletal conditions and soft tissue manifestations dreams present a myriad of signs and symptoms that range from an unhealthy dynamic happening in the body to a particular body part to notice.  In other examples the needs of the body may be presented in the form of a metaphor, a theme or a symbol.  Following the framework of Dr. Christopher Sowton’s dreamworking method, clients make their own connections with direct facilitation.  We pay attention to the moment, try our best to embody the message and check in with key emotions.  The entire process is contained within a non-judgmental, caring, compassionate space created to encourage meaningful dialogue and respect mutual health and safety.

    For more information about Salvatore’s work check out his website: www.likecloudlkewater.com

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    “I help prepare students for careers in nursing and other life sciences. Most of the time I am lecturing about anatomy, physiology, and biology, but I hope that in the future dreams will find their way onto the curriculum.”

    She has been working with dreams over the past seven years both personally and professionally.

    “Often when I am stuck on a case that requires more input about what is currently going on in my client’s psyche it will be a dream that brings this information to the surface and direct me to the most resonant remedy for their healing.”

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    She holds graduate degrees in psychology and social work, and has worked in medicine helping people with end-of-life concerns for more than twenty years, often using dreams as a way to engage and connect with her clients. Currently she is a full-time writer, drawing on her professional and personal experience with dreams.

    She continues to volunteer with hospice agencies in Toronto while she writes her new book about dreaming at the end of life, and she plans to explore through research the possibility of introducing dream appreciation to staff within hospice and long-term care settings. Jeanne uses an approach she calls dream appreciation for people who are facing the end of life.  She lives in Toronto, Canada, and can be reached through her website:

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    Mara enjoys finding the interesting word plays and puns that are delivered to us through our dreams, an especially rewarding aspect of working with dreams which provides a fun and powerful means for communication in the dreamwork process.

    Her company, Heal Gently Inc., offers stimulating workshops that leave participants empowered through experiential learning. www.healgently.ca

    Mara is involved in a number of key associations:

    • Toronto Regional Representative – International Association for the Study of Dreams
    • International Association for the Study of Dreams (IASD) member
    • Toronto Dream Group member– Facilitator: Dr. Christopher Sowton, ND
    • thedreamsfield.net member
    • Toronto Homeopathic Study Group member
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    In 2001 she left her practice in Greenwich Village and moved to Thornbury, beckoned to the shores of Lake Huron by a series of dreams. Passionate about the rich depths of dreams, Rosemary teaches, facilitates dream workshops and groups, and works with individuals in her psychoanalytic practice.

    Website: dreamsunveiled.com