Dreams of Family

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Dreams of Family

January 16 @ 7:00 pm - 9:00 pm


We often dream of our old family, our family of origin, our parents and grandparents, our siblings, our childhood home, and our old neighbourhood. Very often these dreams have a frustrating and repetitive quality coupled with a negative feeling tone. May people are puzzled by such dreams; why is the distant past appearing over and over again in our dream life? My experience in working with hundreds of such dreams over the years is that they often refer to something long gone from waking reality, but still very much present in our inner psychic lives.

I will introduce this topic briefly and illustrate how it can be worked with, using one of my own personal dreams and a dream from one of my clients. Then the floor will be open for you to share a family dream of your own if you wish to. We will use the “If it were my dream” method to allow everyone a chance to share their own thoughts and insights about the dreams being shared.


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