Private Practice

I offer the following services in private practice:


Naturopathic medicine supports the body in its attempt to heal itself from illness and imbalance. We all possess an intrinsic healing power which functions beautifully most of the time, but sometimes it can get overwhelmed and may need some support and encouragement. With the use of diet changes, herbal medicine, supplements, vitamins, lifestyle modifications and counseling, naturopaths help people find their way back to health and balance.

I am a licensed naturopath (ND) in the province of Ontario so many private health insurance plans will provide reimbursement for my services.


Homeopathy can be defined as medicine practiced according to the Law of Similars, whereby the medicinal agent is chosen because it can produce a disease state very similar to the one the suffering person is already in. For example, the remedy Allium cepa (made from the onion) would be prescribed for people suffering from symptoms of watery, burning, stinging eyes. Whether the patient has these symptoms because of allergies, a common cold or some other cause, the best suited remedy would be Allium cepa because it can both produce and cure these symptoms.

Dreamwork and homeopathy synergy

In my experience homeopathic medicine is a powerful and synergistic companion to dream-based therapy. This is partly because dreams depict our problems and stuck points so clearly (often in very exaggerated and uncompensated ways); and these nightly “profiles of stuckness” can be very valuable to a trained homeopath, providing clues in the search for a good remedy.

It is also because homeopathy is non-repressive in its nature. It does not attempt to control or suppress symptoms, or even palliate them. It does not aim to conquer diseases or kill germs, or prevent pain. Its goal is only to strengthen a person’s vitality, so that s/he can muster a more vital response to whatever is happening. This increase in vitality is reflected in the dream life. After receiving a beneficial homeopathic remedy, people will often report that they remember more dreams, and get more insight and guidance from their dreams.