Red is Normal, Blue is Evil (the dream of an 8 year old boy)

I’m playing on my bike. Black people on weird black pods offer to race. We race and I win. I’m walking my bike into a place where bikers live, before a big competition. There are two teams. I wear a weird red visor to see evil (looking through this visor red is normal and blue is evil).

They have my bike and lock. They know the combination. They strap me into a special harness and put weird black lumpy headgear onto my head, and say: “Perfect–you are now ready for the contest in the canyon tomorrow”. I’m scared–I can’t do trips on the edge of canyons, I’m just a kid.

We go to bed. I wake up in the morning. A person on the opposing team is blue (evil). He touches another team mate, who screams in pain, and runs around with a red death ray coming out of his finger. I wake up my team mates and we run out of the window. Outside I look through my visor–one of my team mates is evil!

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