Christopher Sowton ND

Dreamwork • Naturopathy • Homeopathy

I am a naturopath, homeopath, and dreamworker with a practice in downtown Toronto. I have a particular interest in helping my patients understand the patterns that hold them back from better health and a greater sense of fulfillment. These patterns are reflected in chronic symptoms, in repetitively stuck life situations, and (perhaps most dramatically) in the dream life.

More recently, I have focused on training healthcare practitioners of many kinds to integrate dreamwork into their own practices. I have developed a dreamworking method which can be used by practitioners facilitating their clients, and by non-practitioners who are trying to get more out of their own personal dreams. In 2013, I authored The Dreamworking Manual: A Guide to Using Dreams in Health Care. My new book Dreamworking: How to Listen to the Inner Guidance of Your Dreams is now available on Amazon. Now available in bookstores and on Amazon.

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My recent teaching and lecturing includes:

  • Workshop – “Inside Dreamwork: a one day workshop for dreamers and dreamworkers”, in Toronto, Ontario; Feb 2018.
  • Public Talk and Workshop – “Dreams Uncovered–a workshop for dreamers and practitioners”, in St John’s, Newfoundland; Oct 2017.
  • Lecture – “Homeopathy: Using the healing energies of nature”, a 2 hour presentation at the Heartwood Gathering, at the Ganaraska Forest Center in Port Hope, Ontario; July, 2017.
  • Workshop – “Working from Within: Re-entering dreams to find out what they want” – a 90 minute workshop the 2016 Annual Conference of the International Association for the Study of Dreams in Anaheim, California; June 2016.
  • Public Talk – “Dreams and Health” – a two hour talk at the Rosedale Community Hall in Calgary, Alberta; August 2016.
  • Lecture – “A Schema for Using Dreams in Homeopathy” – a two hour lecture and the Joint American Homeopathy Conference in Philadelphia, PA; May 2015.
  • Lecture – “Dreamwork and Energy Psychology: What Can Our Client’s Dreams Tell Us About Readiness for Treatment?” – a two-hour lecture at the annual Conference for Integrated and Energy Therapies in Toronto, October 2013
  • Webinar – “Dreams During Pregnancy” – a two-hour webinar presentation hosted by the APND, Association of Perinatal N.D.’s, May 2014
  • Panel presentation – “How Can We Get Dreams Back into Medicine?” – a 30-minute presentation as part of a panel on the role of dreams in health care at the 2013 Annual Conference of the International Association for the Study of Dreams in Virginia Beach, June 2013
  • Workshop – “Who is That Knocking at the Door? Differentiating Negative Figures in Dreams” – a one-day workshop for the Continuing Education Department at the Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine, Nov, 2012
  • Lecture – “Working With Dreams in a Limited Time Frame” – a 90-minute talk at the International Association for the Study of Dreams annual conference in Berkeley, CA, June 2012
  • Lecture – “A Crash Course in Human Psychology as it is Expressed in Dreams” given in the Continuing Education Program for Naturopaths at CCNM, Nov 2010
  • Lecture – “How to Identify and Work with Common Dream Types” given for The Living Institute Psychotherapy Training Program, Dec 2010
  • Lecture – “Using Dreams in Your Practice” given at the British Columbia Naturopathic Association Annual Conference in Vancouver, Oct 2009

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