The Blue Mug and The Flowers (the dream of a 44 year old woman)

The Blue Mug and The Flowers
In this dream my dreamworker was sitting behind a desk at some place of learning. I was there as a participant (maybe student) but it seemed more as if I could have been an assistant teacher or guest. Everyone was in small groups and we had to develop a skit for the class. I had worked with two young female students on a skit to perform. I wrote up the script and we worked on it then the two students went to present it in front of the class. They began the skit but I noticed they weren’t saying what was in the script. I realized this and thought hmm…they have changed it… I wonder how this is going to affect things. I think I will go find out what made them change it. I found a student at the back of the room and began to ask her. Then I thought I heard my dreamworker call my name. I excused myself and went to him at his desk. I said “did you call for me” and he said “yes I did.” On his desk was a dark blue mug (actually it reminded me of the one I use at my work)

Attached at the bottom of the mug were dried flowers on the one side. They were attached at the stems by small, round metal fastners that were quite pretty in themselves.(there was some beadwork beside them) At that point my dreamworker went into his desk drawer and pulled something out and quickly put it under the mug. As he did this he said “These have finally come for you.” He was pleased by it, and waited to see my reaction when I found out what they were. I lifted the mug and there was an assortment of wildflowers, attached at each stem were packets of the seeds of each of the flowers. I felt a sense of curiosity, specialness, that he would have gifted this to me and that he thought I was worthy of them. I then found myself walking up a grey stonelike incline that had a large archway at the end. This was all attached to a grey stonelike wall that reminded me of a centuries old castle although I only saw the side of this building as I walked along the incline. It was misty all around and reminded me of England. There may even have been a moat on the left side as I walked but, this wasn’t obvious in the dream. I walked feeling very happy, and so very special about having been given the flowers. It was like I had passed the test, raised rank, entered and moved through a rite of passage.

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