The Sun School (the dream of a 9 year old girl)

Me and my friends were in a car–a bright red one. Suddenly we stopped and came into a giant sun-shaped parking lot. As we walked out onto one of the rays of the sun it gleamed as if it really was the sun. We came to a big, balck, dirty castle, and went inside the big front door. Inside it was very white and clean and sparkling in every corner.

Then all of a sudden we were in our dorms with bunk-beds all around. All the dorms had names and somehow I knew that ours was called “Flow”.

In the next part of the dream I was sitting at a desk and the teacher was talking about journalism (I want to be a journalist when I grow up), and then we all started writing.

The last part was that me and my friends were on a balcony looking down over the school. There was the sun parking lot–it was shining more than ever. There was a track, and in the corner was a large forest.

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